• Body Piercing Guide

    Body Piercing Guide

    Body piercings are crazy popular. In fact, they are so common that 1 in every 4 Americans have their earlobes pierced. Interestingly, you can get any part of your body pierced. Some people opt to have their noses, navels, tongues, lips, nipples, and even their genitals pierced. The demand and popularity of body piercings will never wane because people love to express their individuality....
  • What to Clean Ear Piercings With

    What to Clean Ear Piercings With

    Millions of people have their ears pierced every year. Ear piercings are one of the most in-demand piercings today, perhaps because the ear offers so many cool and trendy spots that look amazing when pierced. You can go for a classic and sophisticated look with earlobe piercings or go as far as piercing your cartilage or your tragus for a bolder and fiercer look....
  • What to Know About Ear Piercing Infections

    What to Know About Ear Piercing Infections

    The BIG DAY has finally arrived, and you’re ecstatic to see how your piercing is going to turn out. But, before you celebrate, make sure you know the risks involved. Although ear piercings are generally safe, sometimes they can get infected. Remember that a piercing is an open wound. Any break in your skin is prone to infection, which is why keeping your piercing...
  • How Many Piercings Can I Get At Once?

    How Many Piercings Can I Get At Once?

    Nothing is more enviable than seeing someone rocking multiple piercings. The good news is you can have as many piercings as you want but not at the same time. This brings people to question, how many piercings can you get at once? First of all, you have to understand that when you poke a needle in any part of your body, certain changes take...
  • How to Find A Good Piercer

    How to Find A Good Piercer

    We understand that you’re ecstatic to get your ears pierced but before you head out to the studio, make sure you’ve chosen a skilled and reliable piercer. Did you know that most failed piercings were because they chose an inexperienced piercer? Choosing a piercer is a critical aspect of your piercing journey. It’s a make-or-break deal. If you end up with an experienced piercer,...
  • How To Minimize the Appearance of Piercing Scars

    How To Minimize the Appearance of Piercing Scars

    Can you get piercing scars? The answer is yes. Sometimes piercings are done smoothly, but there are times when they can leave you with awful-looking scars. Facial piercings that get infected almost always leave you with visible scars. Let’s check out some of the most common scars and what you can do about them. How to Reduce the Visibility of Piercing Scars #1 Hypertrophic...
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