• How To Prevent Piercing Rejection?

    How To Prevent Piercing Rejection?

    Can your body reject a new piercing? Interestingly, studies show that it can. It can even push it out of you. So even though your mind is happy about your new jewelry, there is one other thing that needs the go-ahead, and that’s your body.  A piercing is an open wound, and your body’s immediate response to any wound (whether it’s caused by accident...
  • A Guide to Septum Piercings

    A Guide to Septum Piercings

    The world of body piercings used to be simple and less complicated until people discovered that other parts of their bodies could be ornamented with jewelry too. We’re not going to deny; celebrities were the first to discover septum piercings.  The moment Jessica Biel sported a septum piercing followed by Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz, the whole world went a little crazy and decided to...
  • The Different Types of Face Piercings

    The Different Types of Face Piercings

    Society has a way of influencing our values, thoughts, behaviors, and how we perceive ourselves. We conform to the norm because that's what society expects from us. While normalcy is a good thing, sometimes, it blurs our self-identity. Albeit people hope you think, act, and speak a certain way, you still have the liberty to choose how to express yourself. Self-expression is the ability...
  • Can You Safely Get Rid of a Nose Piercing Bump?

    Can You Safely Get Rid of a Nose Piercing Bump?

    Body piercings have now become more mainstream. They're just as in demand as body tattoos. Surveys reveal that in the U.S., sixty-one percent of adults have had their ears pierced. In addition, the most popular piercings in women are navel piercings, while nose piercings come second. Everyone is more familiar with conventional ear piercings. Still, today, people have become a tad too experimental with...
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