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Dr. Piercing

Our brand offer Clean Soothes and Protects
As you know, whatever you do… KEEP YOUR PIERCING CLEAN. We can help with that. While our formula has five ingredients, the majority is Isotonic Saline Solution. This natural cleanser is balanced for positive cellular response. In otherwords, no gross crustiness. Try it. You (and your piercing) will be pleased.

What does “soothe” even mean? Well, it means you’re going to get relief from any iritation you may be experiencing. Dr. Piercing Aftercare contains a special formula to provide you with, you guessed it, relief. Ahhhh!

Yes, we all know protecting your piercing from infection is important. We go an extra step—we actually created our unique formula to not only protect from infection but to provide comfort along the way. So, you get protection, soothing and relief…all while also promoting positive cell rejuvination. Don’t take our word for it though; ask those who have used it!

Be patient. Healing times for different piercings and different people can vary greatly.


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Dr. Piercing Aftercare is distributed exclusively by:
Broadway Products LLC
1056 Equine Ave
Sellersburg, Indiana

Email: support@drpiercing.com

Toll Free: 866-476-2348

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