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Everything There Is to Know About Constellation Piercings

If you’re into ear piercings, we’re sure you’ve heard about and probably come across pictures of constellation piercings on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can’t help but admire how trendy and stylish these piercings are.

As the name implies, Constellation piercings are groups of piercings that are strategically placed in different parts of your ear to create beautiful patterns. In the piercing world, these patterns are coined ‘constellations’ since they look like the constellations you see in the night sky. If you have multiple ear piercings, you probably already have them; you just don’t know it yet.

Many might think that constellation piercings happened by chance. But, interestingly, some people actually follow a pattern to make their piercings look the way they do. Some go as far as mimicking the patterns of real constellations and other realistic star formations for a more impactful look.

Are you planning to add more piercings to your ears? If your next project is to achieve constellation piercings, here’s everything you need to know about these magical piercing patterns.



FAQs on Constellation Piercings

 Constellation Piercing Defined

 Constellation piercings are a collection of piercings in your ear lobe. To create a constellation pattern, you must be extra selective with your jewelry choice and piercing placement. There is a specific arrangement to achieve a constellation pattern. Even if the pattern of the piercing is there, if your jewelry choice isn’t cohesive, you will not be able to achieve the desired look because it will look chaotic.

 Therefore, before you commit, make sure you’ve done your research. Find a professional piercer who has a lot of experience with constellation piercings. The arrangements of the piercings will blow you away, but to get it right, the piercer must have impeccable skill. You may ask the piercer to show you his portfolio of constellation piercings so you can imagine what yours is going to look like once they’ve healed.

 Furthermore, it’s essential to be familiar with the healing time and be committed to following aftercare instructions so you can get the look you’ve envisioned in your mind. Trust us, we’ve encountered so many people who ended up disappointed with their piercings because some got infected while others closed up.

 Constellation Piercings Can Remedy Bad Piercing Placements

 Whether you got drunk and decided to get pierced on impulse or you thought long and hard about it, there are times when you’re simply not happy with the result. And since you’ve gone through the entire process until the healing phase, you can’t just leave the piercing to close. It would be a waste of time, money, and effort. A band-aid solution to an ugly piercing is to make a constellation piercing.

One of the techniques of people who had weird piercings that they weren’t ecstatic about is adding more piercings to achieve a constellation effect. Who would’ve known that a cluster of tiny piercings could make a massive difference in the way your ear looks?

If you’re into multiple piercings, you may want to give this a try. But, if you will go full out on a constellation piercing, you must have patience. We’re sure you’ve seen beautiful images on your Instagram feed of constellation piercings, and yours look so far off. Don’t worry about it because you’ll be able to achieve that look over time. You can’t expect to have a perfect constellation piercing in just a single session. It takes time for the piercings to heal and for all of them to come together and look beautiful.



 Pain is subjective. When you let people rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10, with one as the least pain and ten as the most painful, you’ll get different responses, and that’s because every person’s pain threshold is unique. But one thing is sure, the pain from constellation piercings is tolerable.

 Healing Time

 How much time does it take for constellation piercings to heal? This is a tricky question that has no straight answer. First, it depends on your body’s ability to heal itself. Second, it depends on how many piercings you want to get at once, and thirdly, it relies mainly on how well you follow aftercare guidelines. Part of the healing process is ensuring that you keep your piercings clean all the time. When infection sets in, the healing will be delayed.

Professional piercers recommend you only get a maximum of three piercings in one session because if you get more, your immune system could go crazy and cause healing delays.  



 How much are you going to pay to achieve that coveted constellation pattern? The answer depends on how many piercings you want and the type of jewelry you choose. The expertise of the piercers and the studio's location also influence the final cost. To give you an idea, a single stud piercing can cost you $35, and getting two is priced at $50. But, of course, the biggest indicator of the cost is the jewelry.



 Healing takes time. If you get fewer piercings at a time, they’ll heal faster but if you go beyond three piercings, expect that they’ll heal much longer. We encourage you to sleep on the side that has no piercings during the healing period. Your body will take a while to recover, so be patient with yourself.

 There are several things you can do to expedite the healing process. First, the piercer you choose matters. Make sure you find one that has a good reputation in the industry – someone with experience. Next, invest in high-quality jewelry pieces to reduce your risk of infection and other complications. You must also keep communications line open between you and your piercer.

 Don't hesitate to let your piercer know if something feels off, like if you develop a fever, if the piercing causes extreme pain or if green pus oozes from the site. All these are signs of an infection, and it must be treated immediately. To prevent infection, you must clean the site twice a day using saline solution.


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