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How To Put In A Hoop Nose Ring

Getting a new piercing can be really exciting and once it has fully healed there are so many different types of jewelry that you can use to change up your look and accessorize your appearance.

However, because there are so many different types of jewelry for each type of piercing, it can be difficult to know how to put some pieces in. 

In this quick guide, we are going to show you how to put different types of nose rings into your piercings and how to make sure that your piercing is clean and healthy. 

Types Of Nose Jewelry

Types Of Nose Jewelry

The first thing that needs to be considered is the type of nose hoop that you are going to be putting in your piercing. There are multiple styles of nose hoops that have different fastenings and different methods to hold them in place. 

Corkscrew Nose Ring

One of the most common types of nose jewelry is a corkscrew nose ring. This is usually a stud-style piece of jewelry that uses a corkscrew style to stay in place in your piercing. These nose rings often have a jewel on the end. There is no backing required for this type of ring as the shape is what keeps it in place. 

Hoop Nose Ring

A hoop nose ring is another popular style of jewelry for both nose and septum piercings. Hoop nose rings can feature a few different closure styles, some of which are easier to use than others. You may have to experiment with different styles to find what works best for you. This is the type of nose ring that we are going to focus on in this guide. 

Nose Stud

Finally, there is the classic nose stud. This is normally a barbell-style piece of jewelry that features a backing piece to prevent the jewelry from falling out of your piercing. We will not be focusing on this style of jewelry for this guide. 

How To Put A Hoop Nose Ring In

For this guide, we are going to focus on how to put a hoop nose ring in your piercing. There are a few different types of closures, so we are going to look at them individually depending on the type of jewelry you have. 

Seamless Rings

Seamless Rings

One of the most basic but stylish types of nose rings is seamless rings. These are perfect pieces of jewelry if you want an understated look or just want to keep your piercing open without obvious jewelry. 

Seamless rings are essentially thin hoops of steel or titanium that don’t have a clasp or ball closing. Instead, the ends of the ring simply meet to form a seamless, continuous hoop. In order to put this type of jewelry in your nose piercing, you will need to twist the hoop, this can take some practice so patience is key.

1. Make sure that you begin any jewelry change by washing your hands and removing the old jewelry. You should also clean the piercing before inserting fresh jewelry.

2. Take your seamless nose hoop and gently twist the ends of the ring. You should twist the ends in opposite directions to create a slight spiral shape. Avoid using ring pliers on these hoops as they may distort the ring. Only open the ring enough to fit around the piercing

3. Take one end of the opened ring and slide it into your piercing. It should go straight through but if it doesn’t, twisting it clockwise slightly often helps. Keep pushing the hoop through until the opening of the ring is visible at the bottom of your nose.

4. Once the hoop is in place, simply twist the ends back toward each other until they meet to create a continuous hoop. Make sure that you get the ends as close to each other as possible to keep the hoop secure and avoid uncomfortable scraping. 

Segmented Rings

Segmented Rings

Segmented nose hoops work slightly differently from seamless hoops. Many people find it easier to use segmented hoops because you don’t have to pry the ring apart. However, others find the clasp mechanism uncomfortable in their piercing.

Segmented nose hoops come with lots of options for additional balls or jewels to make more of a statement and draw more attention to your nose piercing. This can be a fun way to accessorize an outfit for a special occasion. When purchasing a segmented nose hoop, you can choose between hinged and non-hinged rings. 

1. As always, you should begin by washing your hands, removing your old jewelry, and cleaning the piercing area. This can help to avoid infections and maintain a healthy piercing.

2. If you are using a hinged hoop, unclip the clasp segment from the nose hoop. This is usually fairly easy, however, with new jewelry, it can be a little stiff to begin with. Opening and closing it a few times can loosen it up and make it easier to insert. If your hoop is not hinged, push the removable segment to one side to help it pop out of the ring.

3. Gently push one end of the open hoop into your piercing. With a hinged hoop, use the end that doesn’t move. With a non-hinged hoop, you can use either end. Keep going until the opening of the hoop is at the bottom of your nose. If the ring has balls or jewels on it, go as far as you can.

4. For clasped nose hoops, you can simply push the hinged section back into place. Make sure that it clicks into position. For non-hinged hoops, push one end of the removable segment onto the ring while twisting the other end to the side. Position the segment then twist the ring back to secure it. 

Final Thoughts

Inserting any kind of jewelry for the first time can be a daunting task, especially when it can be fiddly. This guide can help you insert and enjoy your new jewelry with ease.