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13 Coolest Piercing Ideas To Get On Your Body

Piercings are a great way to express your personality and have some fun with jewelry.

While several piercings might go in and out of fashion trends, piercings have existed for centuries, and will continue to play a massive role in the world of fashion.

Once you’ve got one piercing, it’s unlikely that you’re going to stop there. 

So, if you’ve got an itch for a new piercing, you’re probably looking for some inspiration for your next one.

Sure, you can always play it safe with second ear piercings or a nose ring, but there are so many types of cool piercings out there that you need to consider. 

If you love getting piercings and want to get one that is stylish, cool, and makes you feel most confident, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the13 coolest piercing ideas to get on your body! 

1. Horizontal Lobe Piercing 

Horizontal Lobe Piercing

It’s time to explore different types of lobe piercings. Most traditional lobe piercings are vertical, but have you heard of a horizontal lobe piercing?

This is where one piercing is technically two piercings, with a small earring connecting the two together. 

It’s certainly a fashion statement, that’s for sure. Horizontal lobe piercings are really fun to accessorize, and are certain to get compliments.

So, if you have your second and third lobe piercings done, why not connect them with a horizontal earring?

2. Constellation Ear Piercing 

If you’re lucky enough to have a nice amount of space on your ear lobes, why not decorate them with a constellation piercing?

Constellation piercing refers to a bunch of piercings that are dotted around an earlobe to create a constellation of sorts.

This is a beautiful and fun way to decorate your ear lobes - specifically the space between regular ear piercings. 

While constellation piercings look best with small star-shaped earrings, you can experiment with hoops and other piercings.

Lobe sets are generally the best for this type of piercing - just keep in mind that these piercings are incredibly small and easy to lose! 

3. Bridge Piercing 

A bridge piercing is a piercing that is implanted in the upper bridge of the nose, just between the eyes.

These piercings are incredibly edgy and rebellious, but they can be surprisingly subtle depending on the type of bar you use. 

Historically, bridge piercings have existed for centuries. It is believed that being cross-eyed signified beauty back in the Mesoamerican era, so Mayans and Aztecs adopted the bridge piercing to mimic this appearance.

It then regained popularity in the 90s as a sign of rebellion, synonymous with the punk rockers. 

The only downside to the bridge piercing is that it can take a while to heal, with a healing process lasting up to 8 months. Still, it’s worth it for the cool look!

4. Dimple Piercing

Dimple Piercing

As the name suggests, dimple piercings are located in the cheeks where dimples naturally appear.

While they are often worn by people who already have natural dimples, they can also be worn by people who don’t have dimples but want them desperately.

This is because the piercing will result in man-made dimples as the skin folds around the piercing. 

Not only do dimple piercings allow people to emulate the appearance of dimples, but they’re also great for those who love a bit of sparkle.

It’s not everyday you get to wear bling directly on your face, after all. 

If you want to have dimples, a dimple piercing is the way to go. In fact, most people will get dimple piercings just because of the scar and indentation that the dimple will leave!

5. Dermal Piercing 

Dermal piercings are probably the most versatile piercing you could ever get.

These piercings are implanted directly into the skin wherever you want, allowing you complete creative freedom in choosing where the piercing is placed. 

Some of the most popular areas for dermal piercings include the chest, hips, arms, lower back, behind the ears, ankles, and more. As they’re not like regular piercings, it can take some time getting used to the new addition to your body. 

However, if you want something cool and completely unique to your body, check out dermal piercings. 

6. Tongue Web Piercing

As the name suggests, a tongue web piercing is located underneath the tongue.

The piercing is pierced through the web of skin that connects the tongue with the bottom of your mouth. It’s a fairly discrete piercing, but certainly a cool one nonetheless. 

The best part about tongue web piercings is that you can easily hide them, unlike regular tongue piercings.

Instead of opening your mouth to see a ball of sparkle planted on your tongue, the tongue web piercing can only be seen if you actively lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth. 

7. Chin Piercing 

As the name suggests, the chin piercing is a piercing located in the chin, just under the bottom lip. There are several types of chin piercings, from singular ones to double piercings.

Nowadays, chin piercings are a sign of self-expression and the punk movement, even though they actually originate from South and Central American tribes. 

Chin piercings are also popular for providing illusions to your appearance. When placed directly in the middle of the chin under the bottom lip, they help to provide some symmetry to the face. When they are located just under the bottom lip, they can help to make your lips look fuller, too!

8. Double Tragus Piercing 

Double Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercings became popular in the 2010s, when ear lobe piercings were all the rage. If you still haven’t had your tragus pierced, why not go all out and get a double tragus piercing? 

As the name suggests, this is when you have two piercings on the tragus instead of one. This isn’t a very common piercing, and certainly one that is going to catch several compliments.

Just keep in mind that the tragus is said to be the most painful place to get a piercing on the ear, because of the amount of cartilage. 

9. Double Nose Piercing 

Just like the double tragus piercing, the double nose piercing is when you have two piercings in the same nostril!

If you have enough space on your nostril, and if you already have a nose piercing, you can add a second piercing slightly higher than the original one. 

Having a double nose piercing allows for a lot of creative fun with jewelry. You can mix and match with hoops and studs, trying a combination of the two or the same.

Considering virtually everyone has a nose piercing, a double nose piercing is certainly a way to make yours look more unique. 

10. Medusa Piercing 

A Medusa piercing is located just above the cupid’s bow, and sits directly underneath the nostrils.

It’s an attractive yet subtle facial piercing that is popular among those who want to give the illusion of fuller lips. 

A Medusa piercing looks gorgeous on its own, but works particularly well with a septum piercing or a chin piercing.

It’s all about making your face look symmetrical, so pairing the piercing with other symmetrical piercings looks oh-so cool. 

Also, it means you can match your lipstick with a piercing color, which is always fun!

11. Snake Bite Piercing 

A snake bite piercing is actually two piercings located just underneath the lower lip. As the name suggests, these piercings are positioned to book like snake fangs - but they don’t have to look deadly or threatening.

Instead, snake bite piercings are great for creating symmetry in the lower face. 

The fun part about snake bite piercings is that you can use either studs or hoops depending on what style you want to go for.

Hoops are great, because they mimic lip rings - just make sure they’re big enough to wrap around your lower lip comfortably.

Alternatively, you can wear pointed studs to make the snake bites look like real fangs. 

12. Smiley Piercing 

Smiley Piercing

Smiley piercings are fun and somewhat like the reverse of a tongue web piercing. These piercings are located underneath the upper lip, on the web of skin that connects the lip to the gums.

Of course, you’ll need a sufficient amount of skin to hold this piercing. 

The reason why this piercing gets its fun name is because you only really see it when you smile. It looks similar to a septum piercing, too, wherein it isn’t a complete ring.

As the piercing is fairly discrete, this is also a good option for those who want a piercing but need it to be hidden while working. 

13. Triple Flat Piercing 

A triple flat piercing is where the largest part of the ear is decorated with three piercings.

The fun part about these piercings is that you can accessorize them however you like, whether it’s with a matching set or not. 

Certainly a change from the standard cartilage piercing!


So, there you have it! There are countless cool piercings out there, and hopefully this guide has inspired you to get your next piercing.