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Everything You Need to Know About Saline Solution and Piercings

Piercings are cool and exciting, even though they are painful. If you go to a trained and licensed piercer, they would recommend using saline solution or sea salt to avoid infection, allergies, or other problems. Once they’ve healed properly, you can flaunt your piercings in a way that best reflects you. 

The Basics of Saline Solution

Saline solution is composed of salt and water. Typically, saline solution contains 0.9 percent salt (or sodium chloride) which is the same amount present in human blood and tears. (This type of saline solution is also known as an isotonic saline solution. 

Medical professionals use saline solution to clean wounds, and as a treatment for dehydration when IV fluids are needed.

The Benefits of Using Saline Solution

A piercing is a hole in your skin, cartilage, and/or other tissue (depending on the piercing) that can become a pathway for germs and dirt. Saline solution is the perfect quick fix to keep piercings clean and to avoid bacterial and other infections. 

Saline helps boost the body’s natural healing process and also helps in removing dead skin cells. It is also gentle, inexpensive, and accessible.

Should You Make Saline Solution at Home?

The saline solution is a combined form of readily available ingredients so that you can make it at home. Still, experts recommend buying it since the solution gets prepared in the presence of qualified researchers with the precise amount of ingredients. In addition, you can buy a gentle and soothing saline solution from Dr. Piercings Aftercare. 

To make the solution at home, take an approximately one-eighth teaspoon of the salt and put it in a half cup of water. Then, mix it up and apply, but there is a doubt that it might not come out as a perfect solution.

How to Apply the Saline Solution?

Putting saline solution on piercing is the best way to promote healing and avoid infections. If you use homemade saline solution, soaking your piercing in it for five minutes twice a day works wonders. But if you are buying the piercing saline solution, then instructions on the products must be followed.

Be Vigilant and know what to Avoid

Piercings are sensitive and require a lot of care. Following are the things to take care of for fast healing:

  • Use Mild Cleanser for Piercing: Never use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on your piercing as it will cause irritation and would be harsh on the skin leading to redness.

  • Avoid concentrated Solutions: If you are making the saline solution at home, try to avoid putting a lot of salt in the solution as it would make your skin dry and itchy.

  • Refrain from touching piercing too much: It is understandable that one intends to touch the piercing or jewelry but avoid that; otherwise, it can lead to bacterial infection.

Healing Time of the Piercings

The healing time of piercings depends upon the type and person. Sometimes piercings look dry and healed from the outside but deep inside, the tissues take a little longer to heal. The average healing time of piercing is from three to six months, sometimes extending to one year. 


Cleanliness is the key to perfect piercings. Saline aftercare solution is the ultimate source of medication as it helps the piercings with its natural cleansing property. In addition, it works magic on the piercing by keeping it safe from bacteria and dirt. Dr.Piercing Aftercare products contain saline solutions from drops, sprays, and swabs. Consult your doctor in case of infections.