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How Do You Clean A Piercing?

Anyone who has ever had a piercing will know the importance of after care. In particular, keeping the piercing site clean is a huge part of preventing infection and helping the hole heal. But knowing what to clean it with can be difficult. Some people choose to bathe their piercings in salt water, but this isn’t always possible depending on where the piercing is. 

We would recommend using the Dr Piercing Aftercare Solution to help your piercing heal and prevent infection. This aftercare solution comes with 36 cotton swabs which are medicated to prevent dirt infecting the wound and speed up the healing process. They are easy to use and suitable for use all over the body, including ear, nose, belly button and other piercing areas. 

How Do You Clean A Piercing

If you have a lot of piercings then you probably will have experienced an infection at some point. For some people, this can be enough to put them off of future piercings, but if you use Dr Piercing Aftercare Solution you don’t need to worry about any potential infections. This product ensures that your piercing sites are clean so that they can heal as quickly as possible and have little risk of infection. 

How do I clean my Septum hole?

Due to the location of the Septum piercing it is a piercing that can often get dirty and infected, which is why cleaning it is so important. This can seem daunting, but the process is actually very easy, especially when you use Dr Piercing Aftercare Solution

This product is so easy to use that cleaning your septum piercing will be an absolute breeze. The first thing that you need to do is take one of the cotton swabs out of the packet. These are already loaded with cleaning fluid and all the good stuff that will prevent your piercing site from getting infected, you just need to activate it. To do this, you need to find the blue line on the swab and snap the top. This will release the fluid down to the other end of the swab and soak the cotton in the liquid. 

Once this is done you can simply clean the piercing site. Take care when doing this, and be very gentle as you really don’t want to catch the piercing when you are cleaning it. Take your time and ensure that you have cleaned the entire area, and repeat regularly until the piercing site has completely healed. 

How do you clean ear piercing hole?

Perhaps the most common piercing is the ear piercing, which is good because this is also one of the easiest piercing sites to clean. It is easy for ear piercings to become infected, so regular cleaning is very important. 

The most popular way to clean ear piercing holes is to simply use warm water and a gentle soap, however this isn’t the best way to prevent infection. This style of cleaning will clean your piercing, but it will not encourage the hole to heal or fight against any potential infection. If you want to do this, you would be better off using a medicated treatment, like Dr Piercing Aftercare Solution

These treatments contain medication that will encourage healing in the piercing site which will reduce the amount of time it takes to heal. They also contain medication that will fight against any potential infection and break down any infection that has already developed inside of the hole. They are easy to use, all you need to do is snap the cotton swab to activate the liquid and then use it as you would a regular cotton bud. 

How do you clean a helix piercing?

Just like regular ear piercings, helix piercings are generally easy to clean. The ear is a lot easier to access than some other areas where you may have a piercing which can make cleaning it easy. The best way to clean your helix piercing is to use a cotton swab, in particular we would recommend the Dr Piercing Aftercare Solution cotton swabs

With the cotton swab you should gently wipe around the piercing area, using a dabbing motion if the piercing is particularly fresh. Some people choose to soak their helix piercing in salt water, but we would not recommend doing this. Dabbing the piercing with a medicated cotton swab will not apply a great deal of force to the area, whereas soaking it will, and this could potentially increase the chance of damage or infection. 

As well as regularly cleaning the piercing area with the medicated cotton swab, we would also recommend using a saline mist spray over the piercing throughout the day. It is easy for hair to get caught in ear piercings, so regularly spritzing it will reduce the risk of infection and help keep the site clean, so it can heal quicker. 

How do you clean a bridge piercing?

Due to their proximity to your eyes, cleaning your bridge piercings can be scary. But it is actually very easy. The most important thing when it comes to cleaning bridge piercings is that you do it regularly to prevent the potential build up of infection. As well as this you should avoid activities such as swimming, and wearing makeup while the piercing site is healing. 

To clean your bridge piercing, you should use Dr Piercing Aftercare Solution Cotton Swabs or a cotton swab soaked in a sea salt and water solution. You should take the cotton swab and delicately wipe around the area of the piercing, taking your time to ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the piercing site. You should do this regularly and always after you have washed your face as this is when the piercing is most at risk of infection. 

As well as cleaning the piercing, the Dr Piercing Aftercare Solution swabs will also help encourage healing and reduce the risk of infection. So it is clear that they are a great cleaning method if you have a new bridge piercing.