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How Long Can I Change Earrings After Getting a Piercing?

Do you know what’s to love about a new piercing? It’s the thrill of shopping for new jewelry. People who just had their ears pierced are always eager to change their initial jewelry to the earrings of their choice.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your jewelry, professional piercers recommend you wait for a little while because if you rush it, you might put your piercings at risk of infection.

What would have been a great experience can turn into a complete nightmare. If you’re getting a new piercing, you have to be responsible and conscious of your actions.


What Is The Best Time To Change Your Earrings?

Ideally, the best time to change your earrings is after six weeks from the day you had your ears pierced. During this period, the wound is expected to have healed, which means it’s generally safe to take the old jewelry out and replace it with the jewelry of your liking.

However, it’s not compulsory to change your earrings after six weeks. You must also observe your piercings because not all people heal at the same rate. Some heal faster, while others take much longer. A good rule of thumb is to keep your old earrings if your piercings still feel sore.

How Should You Care For Your Ear Piercings?

If you want to change your earrings fast, you should be diligent in your ear piercing aftercare. Aftercare is the most essential part of your journey because if you fail at caring for your piercings, it will get infected, and there will be no way you’ll be able to change the jewelry.

There’s even a possibility that the hole will close up. So how should you care for your piercings? Consider the following tips:

#1 Make sure you select the appropriate earrings for your piercing.

#2 Aftercare starts right after you have your ears pierced, which means you should choose good-quality earrings. Opt for gold, sterling silver, or surgical-grade stainless steel jewelry.

#3 Do not remove your earrings unless they’re already healed. You can ask your piercer to assess the site to confirm if your piercings are healed.

#3 Keep your piercings clean all the time to ensure they don’t get infected. Cleaning it constantly will help expedite the healing process. Use saline solution to rinse your piercings at least twice a day to avoid infection.


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