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How Long Does It Take A Tongue Piercing To Close?

For thousands of years, piercings have been a popular way to express ourselves. In various cultures, nose, ear, tongue, and other forms of piercings have been important symbols, with examples being symbols of virility, royalty, elitism, and courage. 

Throughout the ages, self expression through piercings has evolved and today, piercings are more popular than ever. Many now get oral, lip, cheek, and tongue piercings. Out of these, though, tongue piercings are arguably one of the greatest forms of expression. 

One reason many people love getting piercings is because they are not permanent like tattoos. In time, an individual can decide to remove an old piercing and allow the skin to close up. Whilst tongue piercings will close up after some time, the process can be a little more complicated compared to other body parts that have been pierced. 

Today, we are going to find out how long it takes for a tongue piercing to close up. We will discuss the factors that affect this time span and how taking care of your tongue piercing can be trickier than other body piercings. 

Tongue Piercing Care

Once you get a tongue piercing, the healing process can be a challenging time. Any piercing takes time to heal but a tongue piercing can be particularly tricky due to the millions of bacteria in the mouth.

Tongue piercings can become easily infected but can also close very quickly, too. The reason these piercings can become infected so easily is because of the sheer amount of food and bacteria that passes through the tongue. This can lead to swelling and even blocked air passages.

If the tongue becomes infected and swollen, it can also start to bleed…a lot. The tongue is jam packed with blood vessels and once you start bleeding, it can become challenging to swallow, chew, and even speak. 

Although tongue piercings are very common these days, there are certain health risks associated with them. However, most of the time, these health issues arise from improper care. Some individuals develop a habit of twisting or biting their piercing which can lead to chipped, scratched, or cracked teeth. This is why many take their piercing out during the nighttime to avoid this from happening. But, if your piercing is very fresh, it will likely close up whilst you sleep. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you wait for your tongue to heal properly. Once the healing process is completed, then it is usually safe to change the piercing and remove it when you sleep. 

How Long Does It Take For A Tongue Piercing To Close?

How Long Does It Take For A Tongue Piercing To Close?

Various factors determine how long it takes a tongue piercing to close, such as the size of the jewelry and individual healing times. The main factor is how old the piercing is, though. The longer you’ve had a piercing, the more time it will take to close up and vice versa. How strong your immune system is can also affect how long it takes to close, as well as how good your oral hygiene is. 

In the mouth, there are fast healing areas. As we mentioned, there are lots of blood vessels flowing through the tongue. This is why mouth wounds tend to heal and close up so quickly. 

In general, it should take approximately six to eight weeks after you have a tongue piercing for it to completely headland close. That being said, if it becomes infected or you tear the site of the piercing, it will probably take longer to close up and heal. 

If the piercing is relatively new, it may close faster than if it has been in place for several years. In some cases, a tongue piercing can close within a day or two if it is still in the healing process, while in other cases it may take several weeks or months for the hole to completely close up.

It's important to note that attempting to force a tongue piercing to close by continuously removing and reinserting the jewelry can be harmful and may cause scarring or other complications. If you're considering removing your tongue piercing, it's best to consult with a professional piercer or your healthcare provider for guidance on how to do so safely and effectively.

How To Properly Close A Tongue Piercing

You don’t need to do much to let a tongue piercing close. This is because the piercing site will usually naturally close. 

Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to make the process as smooth as possible. To allow your tongue piercing to heal and fully close, you should remove the jewelry and make sure not to touch or fuss around with the piercing site. You’ll most likely notice a hole in your tongue for some time, but as we said above, this will depend on how long you've had the piercing and its size will depend on the size of the jewelry. Don't worry as this will typically naturally close up over time. 

In some cases, the piercing may not completely close. This may occur if the piercing site has been stretched too long or you experience issues with the healing process. If the piercing site has torn a little, become swollen, or other issues have affected it, the hole may close differently and can leave a scar. 

If you do not suffer any complications, however, and your piercings were 14 gauge, your piercing should close without leaving behind any scarring or bumps. Maintain the area regularly and properly and the healing process should go without a hitch. Anything wider, like an 8 gauge, is more likely to leave scar tissue. 

In Summary

New, fresh tongue piercings are renowned for closing up overnight, but only if the jewelry is removed at this time. With proper care of the piercing site, the healing process should be smooth. If you remove an older piercing, it should close within six to eight weeks on average.