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How to Heal a Bridge Piercing

Once you start piercing any part of your body, you’ll never be able to stop. Trust us; we’ve seen it one too many times. The adrenaline and the euphoria that come with piercings are truly mystifying. One of the most exotic piercings yet is insanely popular these days is bridge piercing. Its location is quite unusual – found on the bridge of your nose.

The eccentricity of its position requires the exclusive use of barbel jewelry. You can’t wear rings because they are too small and all other designs don’t fit this particular piercing. The upside to bridge piercing is that it’s not as painful as cartilage piercings.

However, you must find a reliable and experienced piercer to do it since the process of placing it in the center of your face can be challenging. Let’s learn more about bridge piercing and why people go crazy over it.


What Is A Bridge Piercing?

A bridge piercing, also known as Erl piercing, is placed right in the middle of your nose across the bridge. In this piercing, the barbell jewelry is inserted at the smallest area of your nose in between your eyes.

Who Can Get a Bridge Piercing?

Anyone who has the guts to pierce their nose bridge qualifies for a bridge piercing. But, if you are wearing corrective eyeglasses, you have to be extra careful with their position making sure it doesn’t interfere with your lenses. If it does, try finding a shorter barbell or find a piece of jewelry with a flat end.

How Much Does A Bridge Piercing Cost? Top of Form

The average cost of a bridge piercing is $30, but sometimes it can go as high as $60 depending on the type of jewelry you want to use, the expertise of the piercer, and the location of the studio.

Does It Hurt?

Most people assume that a bridge piercing is extremely painful since it’s pretty close to your eyes. Interestingly, people who have tried it say that it’s not as painful as others think.

But of course, you have to consider that every person’s pain tolerance is different. But generally, bridge piercings are pretty tolerable when it comes to pain.

What Is The Healing Time of a Bridge Piercing?

Compared to a septum piercing, bridge piercings have a faster healing time since the needle only passes through a small amount of skin. The average healing time for a bridge piercing is between 30 and 60 days.

One thing to keep in mind is that the outside may look healed, but the inside still hasn’t. So, make sure you continue to follow all the precautions and instructions given by your piercer, even if the site looks healed.

How Do You Hasten The Healing Process?

The secret to expediting the healing process is proper aftercare. Besides faster healing, diligently following aftercare instructions will reduce your risk of infection and other potential complications. So what do you need to do to ensure that your piercing heals well?

First, you must wash your hands with soap and water before touching your piercing. Next, piercers recommend you use saline solution to clean your piercing.

You can spray it on the site or use a Q-tip or cotton ball soaked in the solution. After rinsing, don’t rub the site dry but instead, pat it with a clean paper towel. It’s also essential to sleep on a clean pillowcase because bacteria from dirty pillows cause most infections.

You can only touch your piercing when you’re going to clean it, which means you’re not allowed to fiddle or play with it as this can irritate and cause an infection. While your piercing is still healing, avoid hot tubs and swimming pools. You should also steer clear of products that contain harsh ingredients like perfumes and dyes.

The most important takeaway for faster healing is to clean the site two to three times a day using saline solution.

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