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How To Put In A Nose Ring

When you get your nose pierced, you will likely have a stud put in, as this allows the piercing to heal properly, gives ample room for swelling, and will not cause irritation in most cases. 

Even if you have gotten your nose pierced for the purpose of wearing a nose ring, you should not change the piercing until your piercing has completely healed or you could end up with a bump or keloids. 

It can take around 2-3 months for a nose piercing to completely heal, but you should have a look yourself and see how it feels before you consider changing the stud to a ring.

When you, and your piercing are ready, we can help you learn how to put in a nose ring with this guide!

What Are The Different Types Of Nose Rings

There are three main types of jewelry that are worn in nose piercings. These are, of course, the studs that you will likely have had put in when the nose was initially pierced, and then either a corkscrew nose ring, or a hoop shaped nose ring. 

When your nose is pierced, you will likely have a straight piercing that will allow swelling in the area, without it getting stuck when the skin attempts to heal over.

These piercings have a straight shaped backing, but other backing styles can be L-shaped, or corkscrew designs. 

A corkscrew nose ring is a little harder to put in due to its unique shape. This looks a little like a hook that you will have to twist and maneuver through the piercing.

L shaped nose piercings are similar, and you have to push and twist the piercing to get it in place (read our guide here to find the safest places on your body to get a piercing).

When it comes to rings, there are a few options. You have hoops that have to be plied open and slipped into the piercing. These nose rings have a small gap to open and twist into the piercing. 

You can also have sort of half-hoop rings that sit on the outside of the nose like a hoop, but there is a stud inside to keep the piercing open. Then there are hinged nose rings that open up to make application easier. 

How To Put In A Nose Ring

How To Put In A Nose Ring

How you put in a nose ring depends on the style that you have. Corkscrew ones are the most fiddly nose piercings to put in, whereas hoops can be fairly simple if you have the patience! 

Corkscrew Nose Rings

Corkscrew rings are popular as they will stay put due to the hook shape on the end. These are difficult to get in, but we can help. 

Start by cleaning the new piercing and sanitizing your hands too. Always ensure you have a piercing of high quality metal like surgical steel, titanium, or gold.

Other metals like sterling silver and some steels and plated metals can contain nickel which can cause allergies and infections for some. 

Once your hands are clean, take out the original piercing. When you locate the piercing hole, take the corkscrew end of the piercing, and gently insert the tip into the hole.

Then, place your finger inside of your nose with your opposite hand to guide the end of the piercing through your nose. 

You will need to turn the corkscrew as you push it in a clockwise direction to guide it into the piercing. When it is in, it should sit neatly on the nose, with no way of it falling out due to the loop. 

Hoop Nose Rings

Start with sanitized hands, and clean jewelry. Remove the old piercing. 

If you have a pull apart hoop, then gently open the ends with your fingers, or use pliers if the hoop is tough. Then, insert one end into your piercing, and push it around until you have two open ends sitting outside of your nose.

Next, press the ends of the hoop back together to seal it shut. Then, twist back around so the connection is on the inside of your nose, and not visible, but not too close to the hole as it could get caught if it’s not closed properly. 

If you have a hinged nose ring, then the motion is pretty much the same.

Unlock the hinge, and place the other end (without a hinge) in first, as this will make it easier and smoother to push through the piercing as there are no bumps or connections to get through the hole. 

When around a third of the piercing is through, and the hinge is on the outside of your nose, close the hinge shut, and twist it around so that it is not visible on the outside. 

Half hoop rings are easier to put in, simply take off the stud end, place that in the nose, and use your other hand to twist the stud back in place inside of the nose. 

When To Put In A Nose Ring

Only change your nose ring after it is fully healed which takes around 3 months. Check with your piercer if you are unsure if you are ready to change it. 

When Not To Put In A Nose Ring

If you change a nose piercing too early, you could damage the piercing or cause an infection. Nose piercings take a long time to heal, and are very fragile.

If the piercing itself is not fully healed before you change the jewelry, you can tear the piercing when fiddling with it, resulting in swelling, infections, redness, bleeding and keloids. 

Keloids are small bumps that form on the piercing that are slightly darker in appearance than the surrounding skin. These can be very sore and tender, but firm to the touch. Do not squeeze them! 

To remove a keloid you will need to remove the piercing that has caused it. It is best to put your original one back in, as it will need space to heal, and clean the piercing regularly. 

The best way to get rid of keloids is with crushed aspirin tablets and water. Create a paste, and place this onto the keloid for around 1 hour a few times a week, and it should go away.  

Final Thoughts

If you want to change your nose stud into a hoop, then you have a few options. Thankfully, changing your piercing isn’t too difficult but it can be irritating and fiddly.

With this guide, you can change your nose piercing easily, no matter which style you choose. Just be sure to wait until your nose piercing is healed and ready.