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What to Know Before Getting a Double Ear Piercing

Why are people obsessed with piercings? We think it’s because piercings are beautiful and they make you feel more confident about yourself. Body piercings are also a form of art. It’s an excellent avenue for you to express your individuality creatively.

The idea of getting a new piercing gives you a certain kind of high, especially when you’re about to explore the uncharted territory of your body. Some people prefer the classic ear piercings like the earlobes, while others want something bolder and more eccentric, like industrial piercings.

The most common place to get a piercing is your earlobe, and even though it’s a classic, it doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up. If you want to stay on the safe side and stick to your earlobe, we’ve discovered that there’s a way to make an earlobe piercing look fierce – a double ear piercing.

In a double ear piercing, you’re getting two single piercings just right next to each other. If you’re interested in getting a perfect double ear piercing, read on to learn everything there is to know about it.


Relevant Facts About a Double Ear Piercing

What Is A Double Ear Piercing?

This type of ear piercing consists of two holes placed adjacent to each other and are located at the bottom part of your earlobe (read our guide here to find the safest places on your body to get a piercing). Typically, these piercings are not performed at the same time. Instead, a single ear piercing is done first, and then a second one is scheduled a bit later. But, recently, there have been professional piercers who have performed two piercings at the same time.

How it works is just the same as a single piercing, only that you’re getting two of them. The process is also the same for both. First, your piercer will clean the area from front to back. Next, the skin on your earlobe where you’ll be pierced is marked.

Then, your piercer will either use his free hand to tighten the cartilage or use a clamp. Once your earlobe is ready, the needle will pierce through your skin to create a hole. It will then be sealed with a piece of jewelry to keep it from closing. The exact process is done on the second hole.

How Painful Is It?

All types of piercings will hurt to some degree, but as we keep saying, pain is subjective. It depends on your pain threshold. One person may rate the pain of a double piercing as a ten on the pain scale, while others would say it’s a three. Every experience is unique.

However, most people who have had double piercings say that the second piercing was more painful than the first. According to professional piercers, the explanation for this is that your body is still trying to recover from the wound.

But if there is one thing you should be happy about, it’s the fact that the earlobes are the least painful areas in your body to get a piercing. Of course, you will experience pain, but it will quickly subside after several hours. Believe it or not but some people say they no longer feel pain minutes after getting a piercing.

How Quickly Can It Heal?

Just like pain, how the body heals vary from person to person. However, according to studies, double piercings are expected to recover between 6 to 8 weeks. It’s important to mention that you should not change the jewelry out while it’s healing because if you do, there’s a big chance you’ll irritate the site and cause an infection. Before getting a double ear piercing, you must discipline yourself to follow aftercare instructions. Don’t worry; once the wounds have healed, you can switch up to the jewelry of your choice. But, right now, your priority is to keep the site clean and infection-free.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Double Ear Piercing?

There is no definitive cost for a double ear piercing because the price depends on several factors, such as the experience of your piercer, the location of the studio, and where you want the double piercing to be done. Every studio offers different prices so before you commit, make sure you ask your piercer how much it will cost. Also, don’t forget to ask if the price includes jewelry.

But, just to give you an idea, if you know how much a single piercing costs expect to pay double for a double ear piercing. A single piercing price range is between $25 and $250, so if you’re getting a double piercing, you’ll likely pay around $50 up to $100.

Some studios charge you extra for the jewelry, while some include the jewelry in the overall cost. The best way to know how much you’ll be paying is to give the studio a call and ask for an estimate.

How Should You Care For A Double Ear Piercing?

Don’t let your excitement get the best of you. Always remember that the essential step for a successful piercing is to do proper aftercare. When you do proper aftercare, your piercing will heal safely and quickly.

One way of avoiding irritation and infection is to keep your hands away from the piercings. Only touch the site when you’re cleaning it.

Lucky for you, the cleaning process isn’t complicated. You just have to make sure your hands are clean before handling the area. Us a saline solution to clean the piercings.


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