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When Can I Change My Ear Piercings?

There are two things piercing aficionados get excited about – one, the piercing itself, and two, shopping for new jewelry. We’re pretty sure you’ve already emptied your shopping carts weeks before the big day so you can change your initial jewelry to the jewelry of your choice. But that might not be a good idea.

When it comes to piercings, you must wait for the right timing. Ear piercings are not ideal for impatient people because it involves a lot of waiting. So when should be the best time to change your earrings? Let’s find out.


How Long Should I Wait Until I Change My Earrings?

From a professional piercer’s point of view, you should wait for at least six weeks to change your earrings. This is because the wound would have already healed entirely by this time, making it safe to remove the initial earrings and replace them with your new set.

However, waiting for a six-week timeframe doesn’t apply to all since some piercings take much longer to heal. If the site hasn’t achieved complete healing after six weeks, you’ll have to wait longer, especially if you still experience discomfort.

How Can You Speed Up the Healing Period?

One of the most effective strategies to expedite piercing healing is to follow ear piercing aftercare carefully. Even before you get your new piercing, you should brace yourself for it. It’s a huge responsibility that needs a lot of commitment.

Without this commitment, there’s a big chance your piercing journey will fail. Changing your piercing jewelry also depends on how well and how fast your piercing heals. The following are some of the most critical steps needed to keep your new piercing infection-free.

Choose the Proper Earrings

Aftercare starts as soon as you receive your new piercings. Professional piercers recommend that you invest in good-quality earrings that are hypoallergenic. Examples are earrings made from gold, sterling silver, and surgical-grade stainless steel. The properties of these materials will reduce your risk of developing allergies and irritation.

Don’t Change Your Piercings Prematurely

We understand your excitement but know that if you prematurely remove your piercings, they could get infected as you might introduce bacteria into the open wound. If this happens, complications and infection will ensue.

Keep Your Piercings Clean Daily

During the first weeks after getting your piercing, your sole responsibility is to ensure that it doesn’t get infected. To do that, you must clean the site daily. We recommend you use saline solution to clean your piercings.

As much as possible, avoid touching or playing with your jewelry. If you just had a tragus or helix piercing, expect that the healing time will be a bit delayed since these locations heal slower than others.



The waiting period can be torture, but if you patiently wait for the right time, you’ll get to enjoy your piercings for a long time. People who don’t have the patience to wait suffer severe consequences. The best thing you can do is to wait and while you wait, keep your piercings clean.

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