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Which Ear Piercings Look Best Together

For such a small part of your body, the ears present lots of opportunities when it comes to piercings. You can choose from about 13 different locations to wear your jewelry in your ear which makes choosing a piercing really quite difficult!

There’s no hard and fast rule for which piercings go well together. You can style your way out of pretty much any combination with the right choice of earrings and lashings of confidence.

That being said, there are some combos that are very much in right now. These include:

Flat and triple lobe – The flat of your ear is exactly what it sounds like, the flat bit in the middle of your ear. Paired with the triple lobe piercings you get a look that’ll shine without being overcrowded.

Single lobe, daith, and helix – The daith is that folded bit of cartilage just about your ear canal, while the helix is the outer rim of the ear.

What we love about this combination is the balance created by the look. You’re essentially splitting your ear into three sections which looks great!

Single lobe and industrial – An industrial piercing is when two holes are joined by a straight bar. Industrial piercings create an awesome alt or punk look. When paired with the lobe piercing it looks more integrated.

Conch, helix and flat – If you want to keep your lobes free then consider getting your conch, helix, and flat pierced. The conch piercing sits in the cup part of your ear. This triple piercing set up looks great! You can wear a ring in your conch as well as your helix to make a great alt look.

Do Double Ear Piercings Look Trashy?

Ear Piercings Look Best Together

Before we debunk that very biased question, let’s make sure we all know what we’re talking about.

Double ear piercings are when you have two piercings close to each other. They are usually done in the lower lobe, but you can have double helix piercings too.

As for whether or not they look trashy, well that is super subjective! Sure, there might be some people out there who would call double piercings trashy, but there are just as many who would call them awesome, stylish, and interesting.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t mind what people say. If you like the piercings, then go get them done!

Double piercings give you the chance to try out different styles whilst maintaining your core look. They also give you the chance to try out fancy multi stud jewelry or joined earrings.

Double lobe piercings can also be a great way to get into multiple piercings without going all out. Often, double lobe piercings can be unobtrusive and even overlooked. This is especially true if you wear smaller studs.

If you’re nervous about getting multiple piercings or have dress codes to follow, double lobe piercings could be the way to go!

Do Ear Piercings Look Unprofessional?

We would love to be able to say that this is a matter of opinion, but the fact of the matter is that many companies have rules and dress codes banning ear piercings.

However much we might disagree with the policies, we have to admit that in some circles, ear piercings are seen as unprofessional.

Most employers permit women to wear single lobe piercings. Men are usually not explicitly mentioned but should be treated equally to their female colleagues.

Additional ear piercings are often banned in schools and offices that keep stricter dress codes. This is generally due to stuffy, out of date beliefs. After all, there is nothing inherently unprofessional about a bit of metal in your ear. If it doesn’t stop you from doing your job, then it shouldn’t really matter.

Sadly, it does matter to some people in charge which is why these attitudes persist. That being said, attitudes are slowly changing as younger generations enter the workforce and make changes to the rules.

In some cases, rules about earrings are in place for safety. In workplaces where your jewelry could be torn out, you definitely should remove your earrings. This goes for manual labor, sports, and similar industries.

Similarly, in situations where a loose or lost earring could cause health concerns they should also be removed. This rule applies in the food and medical industries. Nobody wants to find an earring in their burger, or their kidney for that matter!

In these cases, earrings are not so much considered unprofessional as they are hazardous. Those rules make complete sense, unlike dress codes built on aesthetics.

Do Multiple Ear Piercings Look Good?

Heck yeah! Over the last few ‘ears’ multiple ear piercings have become the fashion which is awesome! There are so many options, placements, and stylings giving you complete freedom to express yourself and your style as you wish.

If you go back a few decades, you’ll notice that multiple ear piercings are not actually a new trend. Back in the 70s and 80s heavily pierced punks were a common sight despite being considered a ‘subculture.’

Nowadays, multiple ear piercings are popular amongst ‘mainstream’ fashionistas as well as punks, emos, goths, and alts. The difference is the style of jewelry worn in the piercing.

Dainty and delicate earrings have created a soft, boho sort of style that looks just as great as the harsher, bolder punk style earrings. It's different but it’s just as cool.

It has become more ‘socially acceptable’ to have multiple piercings now that it’s been adopted by the mainstream. Of course, not everyone is on board, but who cares right?

So, while there are people out there who will disregard, despise, and trash talk multiple earrings, just remember that their opinion doesn’t matter. The only opinion you need to worry about is your own. 

If you want to get 10 bright, big, and bold piercings all over your ear, go for it! 

If you want smaller, more conspicuous earrings, go for it! If you feel good, they look good.