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Your Complete Piercing Stacking How-To Guide

Piercings will never go out of style, which is why people can’t seem to get enough of them. Some love piercings so much that they want to stack them up. Piercing stacking is not uncommon. In fact, more and more people are stacking jewelry in their ears.

If you go to Instagram and type the hashtag #curatedear, you’ll find thousands of beautifully stacked ears. Do you want to join the party? Well then, we’ve compiled a few tips to get you started on your stacking journey.


#1 Mixing Different Styles

The secret to ear styling is to get a balance of three areas – your personal preference, the style and weight of the jewelry you want to stack, and your skin tone. Every jewelry you use on your ear should balance within its location and the jewelry pieces they are situated next to. The size and shape of the jewelry must also fit your ear shape.

It’s worth mentioning that the earrings on your left ear don’t have to match the jewelry on your right. However, a good rule of thumb is all of them should be related. So, you don’t need to buy earrings in pairs and wear them identically on both ears. You can mix and match them up.

For example, you may go for the biggest earring and place it in your ear lobe and then go smaller as you go up your ear switching into tiny studs. You may do the opposite – from smaller to bigger.

#2 Choose a Theme

Some people like to follow a theme to tell a story. Having a theme is great because it’s consistent. For example, you may opt for platinum jewelry with stones around them or go for a galaxy theme and use jewelry shaped like the moon and stars. You can choose to have matching settings or metals, shapes, or colors as long as they align with your theme.



If your piercings are new and you want to stack them up, we suggest you ensure that your piercings are completely healed before you start switching jewelry. Prematurely changing your jewelry while your piercings are still in the process of healing can lead to irritation and infection. This will delay the healing period, and in a worst-case scenario, it may even close up your piercing.

You can help speed up the healing process by cleaning the piercings two times a day using a saline soak solution.

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