Thank you for your interest in retailing Dr. Piercing Aftercare.

Broadway Products LLC is the exclusive distributor (DISTRIBUTOR) of Dr. Piercing Aftercare (PRODUCT).

So we can maintain a successful business relationship, please review and agree to the following terms.

You (STOCKIST) agree to comply with the following Dealer Agreement Terms and Conditions (AGREEMENT).


STOCKIST warrants their permission/right to resale within the state they operate. STOCKIST shall provide DISTRIBUTOR proof with a copy of Resale Certificate for Sales Tax issued by the state. All sales tax liabilities are the sole responsibility of STOCKIST.

STOCKIST may provide PRODUCT for sale via Internet channels at their discretion provided STOCKIST follows DISTRIBUTOR’s Internet Minimum Advertised Pricing (IMAP) Policy—minimum price of $14.95. (See IMAP for further details.)

STOCKIST understands the DISTRIBUTOR maintains the exclusive right to sell PRODUCT in the Amazon Marketplace(s)—including but not limited to the United States, Mexico and Canada. This exclusive right prevents STOCKIST from selling, listing, offering PRODUCT on any Amazon or affiliated Amazon websites.

STOCKIST understands no PRODUCT may be returned to DISTRIBUTOR for credit or refund. If for any reason, product is damaged in the shipping process, STOCKIST will make claim directly with shipper (eg. USPS, UPS, DHL, etc).

I (STOCKIST) agree to the above AGREEMENT. (click AGREE/CONTINUE to see and purchase at wholesale prices.)


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