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Discovering The Top Ear Piercing Trends

Whether you’re a jewelry aficionado or an ear piercing fanatic, we’re sure you’re itching to get another piercing. According to Stephanie Hutter-Thomas, a professional body piercer, piercings can be highly addictive. She further explained that as soon as people overcome their fear and anxiety and receive complete healing from their first piercing, they’ll become excited to get another one. 

Millions of people all over America are crazy over ear piercings, and you’d be surprised to know that despite how small your ear is, there are plenty of pierce-worthy areas. So if you’re ready to explore new piercings, you might find this guide useful.


The Top Ear Piercing Trends


Gone are the days when people wore conventional piercings because these days, they’re rooting for bolder piercings. The tragus piercing used to be understated because it’s less noticeable owing to its proximity to your face. Since it’s a cartilage piercing, the healing process can take up to a year. Professional piercers recommend you clean the site twice a day using saline solution to expedite the healing process. 


The conch piercing is another piercing worth checking out. It’s located in the inner part of your ear, and it’s ornamented chiefly with hoop cuffing. Surveys show that this type of piercing is most requested because it’s the perfect spot for a hoop. It’s best to use a stud during the first piercing. Wait until six months before changing your jewelry. 


Daith piercing is an eccentric piercing, yet many are dying to get it because of its versatility. However, unlike the conch, professional piercers recommend you use hoops for the initial piercing because this type of jewelry is easier to clean. Remember that a piercing has to be cleaned two to three times a day for faster healing. The kind of jewelry you choose is a factor that helps speed up the healing.

Floating Cartilage

While it’s true that your ear’s cartilage can hurt more and takes a longer time to heal, the flat surface of your ear would make an excellent canvas to display studs. It’s the perfect place to showcase a trio of diamonds or snakebites. Read our guide here to find the safest places on your body to get a piercing.


What Type of Ear Piercing Do You Like?

Regardless of type, the important thing to keep in mind is to clean the area properly. Make an aftercare list so you won’t miss anything. What good would a new piercing be if it’s swollen and infected, right?

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