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How to Choose the Right Piercing Aftercare for Your Shop

For many shop owners, finding the right piercing aftercare can be a challenge. With all of the different piercing aftercare options out there, it’s hard to know which ones are right for your business. 

Aftercare products are essential to promote proper healing and prevent infection, so it’s important to choose quality products within your budget that can also enhance your professional reputation.

This article will provide an overview of what shop owners need to consider when choosing the right aftercare for their business, taking into account factors like the type of piercing being performed, the ingredients in aftercare products, and the kind of aftercare regimen that customers should follow. 

Types of Piercing Aftercare Products on the Market

Piercing aftercare products are widely available, and they can make all the difference in the piercing healing process. The ingredients — and their ratios — in aftercare products can vary, but piercing aftercare products are all formulated to calm inflammation, lessen redness, and provide a less painful piercing experience for customers.

The dynamics associated with different kinds of piercings require tailor-made care. Products with anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and swelling for those with bumps and keloids. Antiseptics and cleaning agents kill bacteria while protecting the skin from outside sources. Products with saline solution are best to pull out any fluid or pus that may accumulate around the piercing site. And medicated sprays close enlarged pores so the skin heals faster while removing odors, germs, and bacteria. 

We recommend choosing products according to piercing type. (Carrying a variety of aftercare products can make getting double-pierced feel like a breeze!)

The Benefits of Using Specific Types of Piercing Aftercare

Piercing aftercare is essential for both the healing process and maintaining good hygiene. Different types of piercings require their own aftercare strategies, but one simple and effective product that can be used for almost all piercings is isotonic saline solution. Isotonic saline solution is formulated to provide relief from irritation, reduce inflammation, and draw out infection-causing bacteria.

Using saline solution also helps to improve circulation in the area around the piercing, which accelerates healing. With regular use, the chances of an adverse reaction or prolonged healing time are drastically reduced. Moreover, using a saline solution is a simple way to ensure the piercing is kept healthy and free from infection while helping it look its best. Using the right type of piercing-specific aftercare is a must for optimal healing times and improved comfort. 

What Ingredients to Look For in an Effective Piercing Aftercare Product 

When deciding on a piercing aftercare product, the product’s ingredients should always be taken into consideration. To ensure optimal healing and prevent damage, look for ingredients like aloe vera, which helps reduce swelling and redness, kills bacteria, and draws out impurities from the wound. Allantoin can soothe and relieve pain and protect the skin from further damage. And for hydration and added protection against infection, provitamin B5 is recommended as an excellent moisturizer. Plus, benzalkonium chloride acts as an antiseptic that helps to keep tissue healthy and prevents infection while a piercing is healing. Lastly, panthenol and sodium chloride help reduce inflammation while calming the skin. 


If you own a piercing shop, selecting the right piercing aftercare products for your customers is one of the most important decisions you can make. Aftercare products are essential for protecting every customer’s health and safety. 

When making a decision, shop owners also need to consider their jurisdiction's regulatory environment, customer preferences, and cost efficiency. Making the right aftercare product decisions requires knowledge of piercing-specific standards, taking the time to get feedback from industry professionals, as well as taking time to compare specific manufacturers and evaluating specific brands’ marketing approaches.

High-quality aftercare products make a piercing shop more efficient and professional. Shop owners who take the time to develop expertise in aftercare products for specific piercings will be better prepared to make smart purchasing decisions for their businesses — ensuring customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind.