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Jewelry Shopping Guide for New Piercings

What’s the one thing you look forward to when you’re about to get new piercings? Is it the pain? We highly doubt that unless you’re a confessed masochist. Kidding aside, we’ve run a survey asking people what excites them the most, and the top answer was shopping for jewelry. A new piercing is a good reason to splurge on jewelry.


What Type of Jewelry Should You Shop For?

When shopping for jewelry, look for metals that are safe to use on new piercings. Most metals are generally safe to use, but other metals can impede your recovery time, make you susceptible to infection, and cause you to experience allergic reactions. It has been shown that these metals are prone to scratching and absorb moisture fast. Therefore, they are not ideal to use on new piercings.

What jewelry material should you shop for, then? Read on to learn about the best jewelry for piercings.

#1 Surgical Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for safe, budget-friendly, and hypoallergenic jewelry, try looking for stainless steel jewelry. But a word of warning, if you start shopping for stainless steel, you might get overwhelmed with your choices because stainless steel has so many variations. However, we suggest you look for the following:

Try looking for 316L. The L stands for low carbon. It’s a type of stainless steel that’s widely used for body piercings. It’s also used for implants. It’s so popular because 316L is highly durable, and they don’t react with body fluids.

316LVM is another option. If you see a VM in the end, it means that the metal is created in a vacuum. 316LVM share more or less the same characteristics as 316L, but the only difference is that the former has a more sophisticated finish.

Stainless steel is a good choice if you have sensitive skin because it only has minute amounts of nickel.

#2 Titanium

Price is a big issue for many people, but if you have extra cash to spare, investing in titanium jewelry is a wise move. According to research, jewelry made from titanium helps your wounds heal faster because it doesn’t absorb moisture, plus it’s ideal for long-term use.



What Other Factors Should You Consider When Getting a New Piercing?

When choosing jewelry, you shouldn’t just focus on the design. Studies show that if you want a successful piercing, you must first find an experienced professional piercer. Secondly, you must meticulously follow aftercare instructions, and last but not least, make sure you shop for the right jewelry.

When you go wrong with any of these three, there’s a high chance you’ll experience an infection. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your new piercing, you have to spend time carefully selecting your earrings, finding a good piercer, and be responsible enough to practice proper aftercare. Keeping your piercing clean should be your top priority.

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