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What Is an Orbital Piercing?

There are two things piercing aficionados consider before they make a commitment: one, aesthetics, and two, healing time. People don't go for piercings that are pretty to look at but take too long to heal.

If you're looking for something that's cool and yet has a short healing process, you should check out the orbital piercing. Although Tash rook, Conch, and anti-tragus are cute piercings, the healing time can take up to three to five months. This can be a hassle since you'll have to be extra careful, making sure it doesn’t get infected.

The orbital piercing gives you the best of both worlds. An attractive piercing that heals fast. It's the same as industrial piercing because it has two holes that are connected by a single piece of jewelry, but what makes the two different is that in an orbital piercing, you'll be using a tiny hoop instead of a bar.


FAQs on Orbital Piercings

What is an Orbital Piercing?

An orbital piercing is done in your ear. A professional piercing will two holes on the same part of your ear and connect it with a hoop earring.

This piercing can be done on any part of your ear, but the most popular locations for orbital piercings are the cartilage and the earlobe.

If you already have an existing piercing, you can turn it into an orbital piercing by simply creating another hole proximal to it.

How Painful Is an Orbital Piercing?

You'll be excited to know that the pain level is said to be bearable. The healing time is also impressively fast. According to professional piercers, an orbital piercing can heal within six to eight weeks.

If you choose to pierce your cartilage, the pain is doubled since the area is harder. The recovery time is between three to five months.

What Jewelry Is Best for Orbital Piercings?

The best jewelry pieces for orbital piercings are ball closure rings and dainty hoops.

How Do You Care for Your Orbital Piercings?

As with other types of piercings, the best way to keep it infection-free is to clean it religiously. Strictly follow your piercer's aftercare instructions.


Are You Interested in Orbital Piercings?

Orbital piercings are a great addition to your body piercings but make sure you clean them properly, so they don't get infected.

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