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The Different Types of Face Piercings

Society has a way of influencing our values, thoughts, behaviors, and how we perceive ourselves. We conform to the norm because that's what society expects from us. While normalcy is a good thing, sometimes, it blurs our self-identity.

Albeit people hope you think, act, and speak a certain way, you still have the liberty to choose how to express yourself. Self-expression is the ability to show your uniqueness in myriad forms. Some people express themselves through fashion and art, while others express their authenticity through body and facial piercings.

The popularity and the demand for facial piercings have grown tremendously over the years. These days, you'll see men and women of all ages sporting facial piercings, whether it's in their ears, nose, lips, septum, etc.

A caveat, body piercings can be addictive because you'll have heightened control of your looks and not to mention the adrenaline rush seconds before the needle hits your skin.

If you've had your ears pierced, it will only be a matter of time before you'll start contemplating getting some parts of your face pierced too. Before you do that, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Facial piercings are different from ear piercings.


Types of Facial Piercings

Facial piercings come in various types and forms! You might get overwhelmed once your piercer asks you what kind of facial piercing you want. Check out some of the most requested facial piercings today.

#1 Eye Piercing

Eye piercings are done in your eyelids. Typically, they are worn using a captive bead ring. If it's done on top of the lid, you can use a curved barbell. The healing time for eye piercing is approximately eight weeks.

#2 Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

An anti-eyebrow piercing, otherwise known as butterfly piercing or teardrop piercing, is placed right above your cheekbone, and it lines with the edge of your eyebrow.

The process used in this form of face piercing is the clamp and pierce method. But some piercers prefer a more modern technique known as dermal punch and taper method.

The healing time for an anti-eyebrow piercing is between six to eight weeks. The recommended jewelry pieces are curved barbells, barbells, and 12G to 18G surface bars.

#3 Bridge Piercing

As the name implies, this piercing goes all the way through your nose bridge and is done using a hollow piercing needle.

The healing time is much longer, typically between eight to twelve weeks. The best jewelry type for a bridge piercing is a barbell.

#4 Cheek Piercing

Piercing through your cheeks may sound unconventional, but so many people are doing it, and they love the results! They are placed in the location where dimples are found, which is why they are also known as dimple piercing.

Both sides of the cheeks are pierced. A 14G or 16G needle is used rather than a piercing gun. The healing time is between eight to twelve weeks.

The best jewelry pieces used in face piercing are barbells, rings, and labret lips.

#5 Eyebrow Piercing

If you see someone wearing jewelry on the outer edge of their eyebrow, you call that eyebrow piercing. However, you can choose to pierce any part of your eyebrow, not necessarily the edges.

Some people like to modify this version by using two types of jewelry to make it look like a double piercing.

The needle used is a hollow 14 to 16 gauge. The healing duration is around six weeks.



Face piercings are generally safe if you let a professional piercer do it. Another factor contributing to the success of the piercing is making sure you clean the area regularly using safe products.

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