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Nose Piercing Care: Ways To Help with Perfect Healing

Regardless of its location, getting a new piercing would require you to do proper aftercare. For example, if you recently got a nose piercing, you have to know how to care for it until it has reached complete healing to reduce the risk of infection.

When does aftercare start? That’s a good question. Aftercare starts the moment you get your new piercing. You are expected to follow aftercare guidelines until the wound has fully healed. It’s simple and straightforward, but many people take this fundamental rule for granted, leading to ugly consequences.

Since cleaning is one of the most critical aspects of successful healing, you must know how to clean your nose piercings properly.

However, did you know that using the wrong methods can lead to nose bumps, nasal trauma, and scarring? How then should you clean a nose piercing?


Nose Piercing Cleaning Guidelines

Aftercare Rules

Professional piercers suggest you clean the site at least two times a day with a warm saline solution. Touching the piercing is highly discouraged unless you’re cleaning it.

Therefore, no fidgeting and no playing with your jewelry. Carefully following your piercer’s instructions will help expedite the healing process and prevent piercing complications.

While waiting for your piercing to heal, avoid using antibacterial soap, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, alcohol, and Neosporin over the area. When you clean your face, ensure you don’t get soap in your piercing. We also highlight the importance of not using a cotton ball to dry the site as fibers can get trapped in the piercing and cause irritation. 

The average healing time of a nose piercing is between three to six months. Therefore, you are expected to clean the area every day for roughly six months. If this responsibility is not something you can commit to, don’t get a piercing because it will only get irritated and infected.

Cleaning Method

You can clean your nose piercing by soaking the site with saline solution for about five minutes.  Place the saline inside a small mug for easy access. After immersing it in saline, you can rinse it with clean water and then pat it dry with a disposable paper towel. Don’t rub the site.

If you find this method inconvenient, you may use a Q-tip or a cotton ball and dip it in the solution. Next, apply it over the site for three to five minutes.


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