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How to Find A Good Piercer

We understand that you’re ecstatic to get your ears pierced but before you head out to the studio, make sure you’ve chosen a skilled and reliable piercer. Did you know that most failed piercings were because they chose an inexperienced piercer?

Choosing a piercer is a critical aspect of your piercing journey. It’s a make-or-break deal. If you end up with an experienced piercer, there’s a 99% percent chance you’ll love the outcome, but if you were in a rush, you’d end up regretting your decision. So choose wisely.

How do you know if you found an excellent piercer? Now, that’s a good question. Luckily, body piercing enthusiasts who have years of experience in the industry are generous enough to share tips that will lead you to the best piercer.


Qualities of a Good Piercer

#1 Knowledgeable

First, you should determine what type of body piercing you’d like to get, and then after you’ve decided, assess if it fits your lifestyle.

A good piercer should educate you and offer sound suggestions as to whether or not the piercing you choose is best for you. Piercings should not be at risk of tearing or rubbing. These are essential factors that you have to keep in mind at all times.

#2 Check Reviews

You can never go wrong with reviews. Checking reviews should be part of your research. If you have a list of potential pierces, check out their social media pages and go to the reviews section, where you can read feedback and criticisms from their previous clients.

You’ll get all the answers you need from that section since Facebook doesn’t allow you to edit reviews once they are submitted. We discourage you from checking their websites for reviews because their sites are designed to convince you to choose them.

#3 Portfolio

You may want to check out their portfolio. Whether online or offline, get in touch with them and ask for a copy of their portfolio where they showcase their best works. Then, based on their work, you can decide if it’s a go or a no-go.

#4 Piercing Procedure

Professional piercers should mark the spot where you’ll be getting the piercing. Marking the site will help make sure that you agree with the placement. Check the piercer if they wear gloves. This is very important to prevent contamination. The jewelry used most comes in pre-sealed packs that have been sterilized. The studio should be clean and tidy to minimize the risk of infection.

A good way to reduce infection is to keep your piercings clean at all times during the healing process.


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