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The Different Types of Nose Piercings

Are you the type of person who loves to express your individuality through body art? If yes, you'll go crazy over piercings! Ear piercings are great, but do you know what's even better? Nose piercings! Almost everyone has their ears pierced, but only the bold and the brave have the courage to give nose piercings a try.

If you've ticked off ear piercings from your list, now is the best time to dive into nose piercings! Let your creativity shine through with these various nose piercing types!


What are the Different Types of Nose Piercings?

You may be familiar with nostril and septum piercings, but do you know there's more? Despite how small your nose is, quite surprisingly, your piercer will show you that there are many different types of nose piercings to choose from.

What you'll choose will ultimately depend on your preference and unique style. Some piercings may be much more complicated, but it shouldn't be a problem if you find the right piercer.

Septril Piercing

Are you looking for a uniquely challenging piercing? If yes, septril piercing is a great choice. It's not common, and it's very appealing. Getting a septril piercing involves using the fistula of a stretched septum piercing.

The artist will push the needle from the bottom center part of your septum through your old piercing. The ideal jewelry used for a septril piercing is a curved barbell. However, you need to have patience if you choose this piercing because the healing time can take a while. But, once it's healed, people are going to envy your new piercing!

Third Eye Piercing

Another sleek nose piercing is the third eye piercing. It's trendy, hip, and will definitely turn heads! It's a piercing that extends from your nose bridge up to your forehead. Just like septril piercings, a third eye piercing can be challenging. But who doesn't love a challenge, right? So if you're going to get a nose piercing, then you might as well do it in a unique spot.

To do a third eye piercing, your artist will draw two holes first before using the needle. This will be followed by your nose jewelry. Since there will be a lot of poking involved, this piercing is not for the weak.

Unfortunately, it comes with a high risk of infection and rejection, but when all goes well, you'll be happy you went through with it.

High Nostril Piercing

If you've seen the classic nostril piercing, then you can already imagine what a high nostril piercing looks like. It's basically just the same, only higher up the bridge.

The best jewelry for this piercing type is an L-shaped pin, a screw, or a stud. The curvature and the shape of your nose will determine the placement of the piercing. A single or double stud would look perfect on this nose piercing type.



Now that you know the different nose piercing types, what are you going to get? If you haven't decided yet, you can talk to your professional piercer and ask for advice and recommendations.

The location of the piercing isn't the only thing you should be concerned about. You must also know the healing time and the pain level. During your meeting, make sure you ask these questions.

It's important to mention that all body piercings are prone to infection, although some have a much higher risk. Carefully following aftercare instructions is essential for all body piercings to reduce the probability of getting a piercing infection. To do that, you must clean the site two to three times a day with a saline solution

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