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Why Is My Piercing Itchy?

Is it not normal for an ear piercing to feel itchy? Most people immediately assume that their piercing is infected when it starts to itch. We understand how stressful this can be for you, especially if you know the potential repercussions of infected piercings. But don't worry because not all piercings that feel itchy are infected. Let's check out some of the reasons that explain why your piercings are itchy.


It's Healing

Surprise, surprise! An itchy piercing is a good thing because it means your wound is healing well. Itchy piercings are part of the healing process. Ideally, your piercer should inform you about this, but if they missed letting you know, doing a bit of research will likely give you your answer.

Keep in mind that your piercing is an open wound. Remember when you experienced scraped knees when you were a kid, and they itched so bad? Well, it's the same thing as your piercing.

After the trauma is done to your tissues, your body will attempt to heal it. And as it heals, you will at some point experience some itching. But, do restrain yourself. Avoid touching or scratching your piercing, as this will disrupt the healing process.

Poor Piercing Aftercare

When you're getting a new piercing, you must be committed to following piercing aftercare instructions. Piercings don't heal overnight. Depending on the location, some can take up to six to nine months to heal. During the healing period, you're expected to clean your piercing site daily.

Part of the success of your piercing is your dedication to cleaning your piercing site two to three times a day. However, we discourage you from overdoing it. If you clean it more than recommended, the site will become dry and predispose you to itch.

Don't apply chemicals like alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, shampoos, and soaps on your piercing site. These products contain harsh and strong ingredients that can irritate your new piercing.

We suggest you use saline solution right after showering until the piercing site is completely healed. And yes, that means you'll be doing this daily for several months.

Sensitivity To Materials

Not all piercings are the same. It's highly likely that you've tried a different material for an ear piercing and decided to get the same one for your belly piercing and experienced an itch.

If your body isn't responding well to your new jewelry, you should let your piercer know about it so they can switch it up. Don't attempt to remove your jewelry yourself if you're not confident. In most cases, your piercer will give you a new piece of jewelry that's made from a different material.

It's Infected

Worst case scenario, your piercing could be infected. Piercing infection is possible, especially if you haven't been diligently following the instructions of your professional piercer. If the itching is accompanied by throbbing pain, fever, swelling, and a green or yellowish discharge, then yes, there's a good chance your piercing site is infected.

Don't try to treat the infection yourself. Instead, once the symptoms of infection are present, you should notify your professional piercer or let a medical doctor know about it so that it can be treated ASAP.

When the cause of the itch is an infection, you must treat it because if you leave the infection alone without doing anything about it, it will spread to other parts of your body. It might even get into your bloodstream, causing septic shock, which can be fatal. Don't allow a beautiful experience to turn into something horrifying!


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