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The Top 3 Best Piercing Trends for 2022

For years, you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to get a new piercing, and now that you’ve finally mustered up the courage to get a new one, you’re caught in a dilemma.

With so many piercing designs to choose from, we understand if you feel a tad overwhelmed. Unfortunately, your Instagram feed doesn’t help either. All these hot celebrities are flashing their pretty piercings that you just can’t help but wish you had them all.

You can check out your favorite celebrities’ Instagram accounts for inspiration. Kaia Gerber looks fierce in a snakebite piercing, while Keke Palmer looks amazing in a conch. And if you zoom those images from red carpet events, you’ll notice that Kylie and Kendall Jenner are sporting nipple piercings, so does Kirsten Steward and the one and only Rihanna.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, we’ve come up with our list of top best piercing trends for 2022.


#1 Snakebite

One of the most coveted piercings today is snakebite piercing. Technically, these are two piercings set close together. You can imagine snake fangs, hence the name. You can get a snakebite anywhere in your ear. There’s no specific spot for it. Some prefer to do it on the conch, helix, or lobe. It all depends on your preference. The type of jewelry used also depends on you. You can use the same jewelry on both piercings or mix up different earring designs.

You can also use a snakebite piercing to fix an awkward piercing, like if you got your ears pierced and you didn’t like the outcome. Getting a second piercing right next to it will make it look deliberate. 

#2 Constellation

The second most popular piercing is the constellation piercing. It’s a set of piercings grouped together to look like constellations. The style can change depending on the shape of your ear, so no two constellation piercings are the same. It will always look different. There are plenty of constellation piercings on Instagram and TikTok to get inspiration from.

#3 Conch

An eye-catching piercing that’s guaranteed to be a celebrity favorite is the conch piercing. It’s located in the middle part of your ear. You can place it in the inner or outer conch, whichever location you prefer. Professional piercers say they’ve been getting a lot of conch requests, which means it’s becoming a piercing trend these days.



We hope that you’ll find something you like from this list. Whichever piercing style you go for, make sure to clean it properly and follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions. Ask about the healing time and what things you should do and shouldn’t do to protect your piercing from closing up and getting infected.

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