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Your Septum Piercing Aftercare Guide

If your ear is already too crowded, we’re sure you’ll think about getting your nose pierced next. The most famous nose piercing is septum piercing. But before you head to the studio to get your nose pierced, make sure you’re fully familiar with septum piercing aftercare.

Keep in mind that a new piercing is a fresh wound. A cut in your skin can instigate an infection if bacteria enter it, which is why you need to make sure that your piercing heals well.

Part of your responsibility is to clean your piercing daily, knowing when to change your jewelry, how to stretch your piercing once it’s healed, and being able to identify signs of piercing infection are paramount to a successful piercing project.


How Do You Care for a Septum Piercing?

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Septum Piercing

To put it simply, your nasal septum is a composition of bone and cartilage found in your nose. It divides your nose into the left and right nostrils. A septum piercing is placed in what piercers call the “sweet spot.”

It’s the spot right between the soft fleshy part under your nose and the septum cartilage that is right above it. It’s crucial to find a skilled and experienced piercer to do it because septum piercing can be tricky. Some people experience excruciating pain because the piercer hits the cartilage instead of the exact spot.

If you experience intense pain, let your piercer know right away so he can stop. Before getting another piercing, make sure you give ample time for your nose to heal.

According to experts, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks for a septum piercing to heal fully, but if you experience a septum piercing mishap, it’s best to wait for at least four weeks before getting a new one. And the next time you get a re-piercing, find a piercer with years of experience in the industry. You can’t afford another injury.

The starter jewelry material for a septum piercing must be titanium or surgical stainless steel. The jewelry design can be a septum retainer, septum pincher, or a bull ring-style captive bead ring.

If your workplace prohibits eccentric piercings, you can use a septum retainer that you can quickly flip in reverse to keep it hidden. Professional piercers use gauges between 16g and 12g.

However, many people prefer heavier gauges, so they don’t have to wait to get it stretched later. But, if you do get a heavy gauge, we suggest you get a septum retainer or pincher so that there’s less pressure on the fistula. Again, choosing the right jewelry will help speed up the healing process.

How To Care for Your Septum Piercing

The healing process can take more than a month to complete, so while you wait, you are expected to follow aftercare guidelines. However, your septum piercing will heal fast if you diligently follow your piercer’s instructions. Here’s what you need to do.

Keep Your Body Healthy

One of the secrets to faster healing is to keep your body in excellent shape. To do that, you should get enough sleep, consume healthy and nutritious foods, drink the recommended glasses of water a day, reduce your stress, and, more importantly, follow good hygiene practices.

Trust us, all these sacrifices you’re making will pay off in the long run because it allows your body to heal itself better and faster.

Keep It Clean

We cannot stress this any further; keeping your septum piercing clean always is paramount to its healing because it’s the only way to keep infection at bay.

You should clean the site at least three times a day with a good quality saline solution like Dr. Piercing’s Aftercare medicated swabs. Cleaning is done daily throughout the healing process.



Getting a new piercing is an exciting adventure but it can turn into a nightmare if your piercing gets infected. Therefore, before you get that new septum piercing you’ve always wanted, be prepared to shoulder the responsibilities that come with it.

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