• Your Septum Piercing Aftercare Guide

    Your Septum Piercing Aftercare Guide

    If your ear is already too crowded, we’re sure you’ll think about getting your nose pierced next. The most famous nose piercing is septum piercing. But before you head to the studio to get your nose pierced, make sure you’re fully familiar with septum piercing aftercare. Keep in mind that a new piercing is a fresh wound. A cut in your skin can instigate...
  • Your Handy Monroe Piercing Guide

    Your Handy Monroe Piercing Guide

    Marilyn Monroe was an American singer and actress. She was the most popular sex symbol in the 1950s. Everyone knows who she was. Marilyn Monroe is a household name in Hollywood. Even after her death, people still look up to her, which explains why they named a piercing after her. The Monroe piercing is a piercing located at the left side part of the...
  • Is Your Piercing Inflamed Or Infected?

    Is Your Piercing Inflamed Or Infected?

    Piercing trends are always fascinating. Who doesn’t get interested in a new piercing? If you’re into body piercings, we’re sure you have an inexplicable desire to explore more body parts. And it doesn’t help that your skin is the largest organ in your body. It’s your body, and you can do anything you want to do with it. But, you have to be extra...
  • Healing a Septum Piercing

    Healing a Septum Piercing

    Getting a new piercing is a great way to express your artistic side, but it’s also a test of discipline. Did you know that not all piercings are successful? Studies show that any form of piercing puts you at risk of infection and complications. Luckily, there are ways to speed up the healing process and keep your septum piercing infection-free. We’ve compiled a list...
  • How to Heal a Bridge Piercing

    How to Heal a Bridge Piercing

    Once you start piercing any part of your body, you’ll never be able to stop. Trust us; we’ve seen it one too many times. The adrenaline and the euphoria that come with piercings are truly mystifying. One of the most exotic piercings yet is insanely popular these days is bridge piercing. Its location is quite unusual – found on the bridge of your nose....
  • How to Heal A Piercing Bump or Keloid Bump

    How to Heal A Piercing Bump or Keloid Bump

    There are four likely outcomes when you get a new piercing. One, it may heal well (lucky you). Two, it may get infected. Three, a piercing bump may develop, and four, a keloid bump may form. Your skin can change after a piercing. Some changes are normal, while others require treatment. Two of the most talked-about skin changes that raise a lot of concern...
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