• Body Piercing Guide

    Body Piercing Guide

    Body piercings are crazy popular. In fact, they are so common that 1 in every 4 Americans have their earlobes pierced. Interestingly, you can get any part of your body pierced. Some people opt to have their noses, navels, tongues, lips, nipples, and even their genitals pierced. The demand and popularity of body piercings will never wane because people love to express their individuality....
  • Nose Piercing Care: Ways To Help with Perfect Healing

    Nose Piercing Care: Ways To Help with Perfect Healing

    Regardless of its location, getting a new piercing would require you to do proper aftercare. For example, if you recently got a nose piercing, you have to know how to care for it until it has reached complete healing to reduce the risk of infection. When does aftercare start? That’s a good question. Aftercare starts the moment you get your new piercing. You are...
  • Piercing Aftercare Guide

    Piercing Aftercare Guide

    If this is your first time getting piercings, we’re assuming you don’t know how to care for them properly, but if this is your nth piercing, consider this a refresher course. For years, professional piercers have emphasized the importance of piercing aftercare. How well you care for your new piercings will determine their fate – whether they’ll end up just like what you envisioned...
  • When Can I Change My Ear Piercings?

    When Can I Change My Ear Piercings?

    There are two things piercing aficionados get excited about – one, the piercing itself, and two, shopping for new jewelry. We’re pretty sure you’ve already emptied your shopping carts weeks before the big day so you can change your initial jewelry to the jewelry of your choice. But that might not be a good idea. When it comes to piercings, you must wait for...
  • Your Septum Piercing Aftercare Guide

    Your Septum Piercing Aftercare Guide

    If your ear is already too crowded, we’re sure you’ll think about getting your nose pierced next. The most famous nose piercing is septum piercing. But before you head to the studio to get your nose pierced, make sure you’re fully familiar with septum piercing aftercare. Keep in mind that a new piercing is a fresh wound. A cut in your skin can instigate...
  • Your Handy Monroe Piercing Guide

    Your Handy Monroe Piercing Guide

    Marilyn Monroe was an American singer and actress. She was the most popular sex symbol in the 1950s. Everyone knows who she was. Marilyn Monroe is a household name in Hollywood. Even after her death, people still look up to her, which explains why they named a piercing after her. The Monroe piercing is a piercing located at the left side part of the...
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